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By | 01/08/2019

Development History of “Universal Abrasives”

Coated abrasives are widely used in the processing of mechanical parts, wood, leather, glass, ceramics, stone, stainless steel plate and difficult-to-process materials. They are especially suitable for the processing of complex profiles and large areas. Therefore, coated abrasives are called “universal abrasives”.

At the beginning of the reform and opening up, China’s coated abrasive industry has developed and accumulated for nearly 30 years. There are more than 70 factories registered in the abrasive abrasive information network, with a output of 23.2 million square meters and an output value of nearly 70 million yuan.

At the end of 1980s and the beginning of 1990s, China’s Coated Abrasives started its first import climax. The introduction of modern Coated Abrasives production line is undoubtedly one of the most significant technological advances in China’s coated abrasives. It marks the modernization of China’s Coated Abrasives production equipment, promotes the renewal of China’s Coated Abrasives products and initiates a new era. The development of high-grade coated abrasives is the first in China.

Before the 1990s, there were few abrasive belts, grinding plates and special-shaped products in China. With the widespread use of abrasive belt grinding, the demand for abrasive belt is increasing. At the same time, special-shaped products such as grinding wheel, grinding disc and sand sleeve were developed successively in the 1990s and put into the market. They are installed on hand-held pneumatic or electric tools and are widely used.

With the emergence and development of water-soluble phenolic resin for coated abrasives, all-resin abrasive cloth replaces animal rubber abrasive cloth and becomes the main role of coated abrasives. All-resin, semi-resin, water-resistant abrasive belt, abrasive disc, steel-paper abrasive disc, abrasive wheel, abrasive disc, abrasive sleeve and other high-end Coated Abrasives were born one by one, and developed rapidly.
The manual use of coated abrasives is moving towards mechanized use. The mechanical grinding applications of abrasive belt, abrasive disc and steel-paper abrasive disc gradually replace the manual grinding and polishing of sand sheets.

By 2000, the total output value of China’s coated abrasives industry reached 577 million yuan, and the output reached 110 million square meters.

In the 21st century, the technology of ceramic abrasives and super-coating has been further developed and innovated. With the continuous improvement and application of zirconium corundum abrasives, composite abrasives, ceramic abrasives, superhard materials and other materials, some new development directions have emerged, such as electrolytic composite abrasive belt grinding, ultrasonic abrasive belt grinding and electroplated diamond metal sand. Belt grinding, etc.

In the following 10 years, China’s coated abrasives industry entered a period of rapid explosive development. The total output of Coated Abrasives has reached the first in the world. It has completely replaced the sheet abrasives and sandpaper with all resin products, abrasive belts and wheel, and become the leading product of coated abrasives. By 2014, there are more than 40 comprehensive manufacturers of coated abrasives in China.

With the rapid development of China’s economy, coated abrasives are developing in the direction of high efficiency, long life and ultra-precision. Not only is abrasive belt, grinding disc, grinding wheel, grinding disc, grinding jacket developing rapidly, but also there are many kinds of new products, such as non-woven fabric polishing wheel with built-in abrasive particles, nylon silk wheel, grinding bar or grinding wheel, foam plastic flexible grinding block and so on. Due to the emergence of coated abrasives with new materials and new technologies, not only paper and cotton cloth, but also polyester cloth, non-woven cloth and polyester film are used as substrates. Abrasives include not only traditional corundum and silicon carbide, but also calcined abrasives, accumulative abrasives, zirconium corundum, ceramic abrasives and superhard materials.

Domestic coated abrasives are breaking through the traditional market and expanding to special and high-end fields. The main representative products are: superhard material abrasive belt, polyester film coated abrasive tool, ceramic abrasive coated abrasive tool, titanium alloy stacked abrasive belt, carbon steel sheet drawing abrasive belt, printed circuit board abrasive belt and zirconium sheet. Corundum abrasive cloth, polyester cloth ultra wide abrasive belt, anti-crimp dry-wet dual-purpose sandpaper, non-woven fabric products, non-woven stainless steel wire drawing products, velveteen integrated sandcloth, dust-free abrasive paper and so on, the product quality is approaching or reaching the level of similar products abroad.

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