Fall 2019 National Abrasive Industry Information Exchange Conference China Abrasive Industry International Technology Forum held in Zhengzhou

Seeking Innovation in the Reform of Allergy-Autumn 2019 National Abrasive Abrasive Industry Information Exchange Conference and the Second China Abrasive Abrasive Industry International Technical Forum held in Zhengzhou. August 12, sponsored by the Abrasive Abrasive Branch of China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Association, co-sponsored by China Machinery Industry International Cooperation Co., Ltd.,and co-sponsored by… Read More »

Usage Method and Common Problems of CBN Grinding Wheel

CBN abrasive is a new abrasive developed in modern times. Because of its high hardness and micro-crushing structure, it can achieve good efficiency for grinding high hardness steel. However, CBN grinding wheel should pay attention to several problems in use. Problems arising from thermal expansion of grinding wheel. Most CBN grinding wheel inner discs are… Read More »

The Particularity of CBN Grinding Wheel

CBN grinding wheel is a synthetic superhard material grinding wheel, which can greatly improve the processing efficiency and quality. At present, domestic grinding enterprises attach great importance to CBN grinding wheel, but some enterprise personnel do not understand CBN grinding wheel, so think that CBN grinding wheel can be installed directly on the grinding machine… 传奇电子跳高高网址:Read More »

Development History of Abrasive Tools in China(2)

Development History of “Universal Abrasives” Coated abrasives are widely used in the processing of mechanical parts, wood, leather, glass, ceramics, stone, stainless steel plate and difficult-to-process materials. They are especially suitable for the processing of complex profiles and large areas. Therefore, coated abrasives are called “universal abrasives”. At the beginning of the reform and opening… Read More »

Reducing import tax on electric vehicle parts, the new energy vehicle market is booming

India’s New Policy: Reducing Import Taxes on Electric Vehicle Parts On January 29, 2019, the Indian government announced a reduction in import taxes on electric vehicle parts. The decline is about 10-15%. Previously, import tariffs for electric vehicle components ranged from 15% to 30%. It is reported that the Indian government aims to encourage international… Read More »